-- Where do you deliver ?

We can deliver to any school in Hong-Kong. If your child is going to a school we do not deliver yet or if you are a school interested in becoming a partner school? Contact us

 -- How do I register my child ?

Create your account online, then follow the steps. You will be guided all along the way ! Please keep in mind that each family should only have ONE account.

 -- What age ranges do you cover ?

Our menus are tailored for children from 4 years old, all the way up to high school and yes ! Also for Teachers and school staff. We offer 2 portion sizes :
- Small Lunchbox: recommended for ages 4-8.
- Large Lunchbox: recommended for ages 9 & up.

For School staff and Teachers, we recommend the large size and add options (starter, dessert or snack) for an additional cost.

 -- How works the monthly Lunchbox Plan ?

We wish to make everything easy and convenient for your family.
Our Monthly Meal Plan is a peace of mind and flexible solution for families.
Create your child’s Meal Plan by choosing the size of the lunchbox you want for your child, the dishes preferences (Western, Asian or Vegetarian) which days of the week you want lunchbox delivered, tell us what options you would like to include (Dessert or Snack) -- and we generate your Meal Plan for the month based on your child’s preferences! Easy – Convenient – Flexible!

 -- Will my subscription auto-renew ?

We continue to deliver your child according to the Meal Plan you set up until you decide to stop.
Based on your child's preferences, we send you, every 15th of each month, an email with the upcoming month’s Meal Plan. You can always add, change or remove lunchboxes at any time or even cancel your entire subscription just by logging into your account and making the changes. It has to be minimum 4 business days before delivery and we will issue a complete refund the same day.

 -- When do you charge my credit card ?

On the 20th, we charge your credit card for the next month’s Meal Plan.

Do not worry, nothing is ever set in stones so you can always opt out of the subscription at any time, add, remove, change any meals up to 4 business before the delivery date. In case of cancellation, you will be refunded the same day.

 -- Can I change or cancel my order ?

Absolutely! Up to 4 business days before the date of the delivery.
To do so, login at then select the day, click CHANGE or CANCEL and then confirm. We will then refund your account immediately.

 -- Is there a minimum number of meals to order ?

With our Meal Plan, you can choose to order from 2 days per week up to five days per week.
We then create the perfect and yummy Meal Plan for your child for the month based on the days of week. You decide!

 -- How far in advance do I have to order for my child ?

We need your order 4 business before the first meal delivery date.
This advance notice supports the high variety of meals we offer every day and avoid food waste as we buy only fresh and quality ingredients. All changes of meals must also be made 4 business/school days in advance.

 -- What if my child is sick ?

A sick day means you have ordered lunch for your child and he didn't show up to collect it because he was sick and did not go to school on that day.
As we cook fresh food every morning -- please understand that we won't be able to provide the same day or last minute cancellations or refunds.
If you know your child will be absent from school for more than 2 days please contact us by email or call us then we will refund your account starting from the second day.

 -- What about field trips or holidays ?

We do our best to sync up with the school's calendar and customize your monthly Meal Plan. On holidays or vacations, the day will be closed for ordering.
We can't deliver on field trip days because students usually leave the school before our lunchboxes arrive.
If there is a field trip for certain classes, we rely on parents to either not order or cancel the meal (please remember, you need to make cancellations 4 business days in advance and we will refund or re-credit your debit or credit card with the full amount).

 -- What happens if there’s typhoon ?

In the case listed below, The New Luncher will not be able to deliver and make any refund.
• Typhoon Signal No.8 or above
• Black Rainstorm
• Outbreak of infectious diseases
• Sudden termination/closure of school
• Grade-wide out-of-school activities


 1.How many daily choices in the menu ? Any Vegetarian option ?

Every day, we offer 3 main freshly cooked to ease every child (Western, Asian and Vegetarian option).We also offer daily options for dessert and snack for an additional cost at HKD15. All add-ons will be packed with your child's lunchbox.

 3.How do you decide your menus ?

Every month, we work with our culinary team and kids to decide what to offer in our next menu.
We do not practice a fixed monthly menu rotation. We try to make the best of what nature has to offer. Most importantly we always listen to children. That way we are able to bring back recipes with high success rate and change those that are less appreciated.When we create our new recipes, we invite schools, kids and parents in our kitchen to try out new meals and offer us feedback! We cook for children, so they decide what will be next in our menu!

 -- Is your kitchen certified halal ?

Not yet ! But we will make it happen if you want to and if numerous families ask us !
We would love to hear from you so contact us

 -- Allergies

All our menus are free of both peanuts and tree nuts.
We never use MSGs, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
If you have special food concerns, please contact us and we'd be happy to consult with you individually.


 -- How is lunch packaged? Do you use eco-friendly lunchbox ?

Right after cooking, we pack our food in an eco-friendly lunchbox.
We select our packaging with several goals in mind. It must be safe for the kids, good at maintaining temperature over time, good for the environment.
We constantly review our packaging options to find the best balance between food safety, sustainability, economy, and ease of meal distribution.

 -- When will you deliver the lunchbox to my child ?

Our Lunchboxes are delivered to school before lunchtime by our Happy delivery team. The distribution may vary by school, but there is always an adult to oversee the distribution of lunchboxes to children.

 -- Will I be informed if my child did not pick up his lunch ?

If your child did not come to pick up the lunchbox at the end of lunchtime service, we will send you a message.

 -- How much does delivery cost ?

Absolutely nothing! The delivery to school is always free!


 -- How to contact The New Luncher team ?

Our Happy team is available by phone and email from Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm. Questions? Give us a call or contact us

 -- What if something wrong with my order ?

Our Happy team is human so please understand that we strive for perfection, and we’re committed to children. Please get in touch as soon as you can -- the sooner we hear from you, the sooner we have a chance to fix it and limit the chances of it ever happening again.